Story About MiniMjm

Hi, I'm minimjm, thank you for being here.
Hope we can make friends~
I am an artist and also the creator of [Pilots in Cocoon], who is obviously an INFP.
Drawing became the thing I love most since I was 5 years old. At the age of 5 I almost scrawled all the walls in my room except the ceiling, Luckily my mom didn't beat me up but found me a great teacher and since then, drawing has grabbed me again and again in those worst moments of my life~
My extreme sensitivity is a gift but also a shackle. I can always accidentally feel the unspoken emotions of other people or animals around me, the secret sadness, the silent disappointment, the deep buried love, the helplessness behind the smiling face... I was once confused by these complicated feelings and seeing the fragility and helplessness of everyone behind the mask is a painful thing , which caused me to depression , become more and more shy and timid.But the empathy also gives me a reason to love everyone more sincerely, yes, there is no denying that this is the source of my endless inspiration~

Story about Pilots in Cocoon

Honestly, [the world of Pilots in Cocoon] is kind of my self-redemption, which is about love, friendship and art.
My sensitivity got me stuck in depression and I was living with great care. I was a timid and shy girl, who always stayed alone in her own room and imagined having virtual friends through painting.
Things began to change at my age of 5, my mom find me a teacher who discovered my talent for drawing and led me out of my room. Based in the July sunshine, my teacher taught me how to climb the tree and how to make a pencil out of wood and then to draw and then I just picked up a little yellow flower.
Years later, when I look back now, I just found that in that hot summer days, I achieved my first dissolved and reconstructed, it's my first cocoon and I found a friend in real for the first time. This cocoon is my treasure and its eclosion is so eternal in my fleeting life.
Afterwards, I just grew up with drawing. I began to accept my sensitivity as a special gift , which brings me countless inspiration and of course sufferings. In fact, empathizing with people's grief and weakness too easily is never something to be happy about. Luckily, every time I fell into a slump, Cocoons would show up. Those friends who suddenly appeared and pulled me up are just like a beam of light and made my day.However, sometimes Cocoons showed up in dark way and crushed me. In that situation, I just had to undergo the painful eclosion process. All of the torments and sufferings just redefine me. Eclosion is the mysterious and unknowable moment, in which everything, even the most insignificant thing, is to me immortalized.

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