Pilots in cocoon

Welcome to our Utopia ! a hand-drawn NFTstory, about loneliness, waiting, rewards and frens.

pilots in cocoon

The initial 222 [pilots in cocoon].

The entrance to the world of [pilots in cocoon].

Most of the inspiration for this part comes from my over-sensitive and imagination~ it's always easy for me to feel the hidden emotions of almost everyone around me~sadness, tolerance, struggle, concealed love and kindness. Before 7yo, I always noticed that many people I knew in my life wore various masks, for instance, my father had a white bunny mask, my mother wore a rooster one, and sometimes my grandma had a hamster one. of course, no one could see these masks except myself, which is why I'm not really sure if I had really seen those masks, or they r just in my dreams, imagination.

Amount: 89 / 222

1/1Amount:3 / ?



The necessary tools to complete the metamorphosis.

[cocoon] is a necessary device for butterflies to get through the chrysalis stage and complete the reconstruction of their lives, and its also a necessary prop for 222 initial [pilots in cocoon] to complete their metamorphosis, which always appears suddenly under the appropriate circumstances, and then helps us to complete a dissolution and reconstruction. I 'm not sure if its enough to use 'serendipity' as a metaphor, just like encountering someone , experiencing something suddenly ,and then your life changed dramatically.

How to get cocoon

usually [COCOON] appears as a surprise, participating in various community events is a good way to get [COCOON].


1/1Amount:3 / ?


the completed state of [pilots in cocoon]

[imago] is the completed state of [pilots in cocoon], metamorphosed and get the wings, went through a metamorphosis which is splendor or darkness. each [pilots in cocoon] could complete the metamorphosis and achieve the [imago] state after encountering their [cocoon] . each pilot can only metamorphose once, and each cocoon can only be used once.


Holding a [pilots in cocoon] and a [cocoon] at the same time can get an [imago], each [pilots in cocoon] and each [cocoon] can only be used once.

1/1 Amount: 3/?

as its name suggests, [eclosion] is a precious, mysterious, splendid or serene, wings sprouting moment in which the body is dissolved and reconstructed in cocoon, and everything is in a state of forthcoming, in which the figurative material world and abstract inner world intermingle in a certain way, and in which those unspecified emotions r frozen, recorded and tend to be immortalized.

How to get eclosion

[ECLOSION] will be droped in a mix rotation of 3 ways, "holder giveaway", "holder auction" and "normal auction". Create some opportunities for newcomers to join while taking great care of my old friends.


editions Amount: coming soon

[Diffusions] are figurative snapshots of abstract inner feelings in the process of metamorphosis, which are blurred and indistinct, and are pressed in different moments, from which everyone can decipher some unique feelings and emotions belonging to them at the moment.

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